Classes 9th & 10th Outstanding Result

Overall result of International Islamic University School and College is 100% The Students of the IIUI School and College has regarded the prayers of their parents and hard work of their respectable teachers, as the main cause of their success in SSC examination

Muhammad Moizz Marks 937

Muhammad Moizz Marks 937

Anusha Khan Marks 502

Anusha Khan Marks 502

Emaan Faraz Hoti Marks 485

Emaan Faraz Hoti Marks 485

Ayesha Ahmad Marks 485

Ayesha Ahmad Marks 485

Ramla Ikram Marks 475

Ramla Ikram Marks 475

Sumra Shahid Marks 470

Sumra Shahid Marks 470

About IIUI Schools

The creation of IIUI Schools remains in line with the mission of International Islamic University Islamabad ‘to encourage and promote education, training and research in different areas of learning such as social, natural, applied and communication sciences with special emphasis on Islamic learning. International Islamic University Schools (IIUI) are educational institutions committed to excellence and highest achievement of Students in terms of their skills, knowledge and attitudes to prepare them for success in the 21st Century. IIUI Schools offer opportunities to enroll all students who demonstrate an ability and willingness to learn and participate in an active, international level environment. IIUI School follow an enriched curriculum taught by trained staff, which will teach to a high academic standard and attend to the academic and social needs of your child.

Our Vision

We envision a school that prepares students for the 21st Century so that they may be powerful members of society who are emblems of good practices, high character traits and superior in their skills and values. IIUI Schools will be centers of learning where:

Modern methods are used as daily practice to transform education.

The environment promotes equal respect, confidence and commitment to learning and self-development.

Values, culture and religious norms are used to help in developing model students who are patriotic; excel in all aspects of curriculum and global themes.

The faculty and management is dedicated to students centered learning and focus on process of learning and strategic outcomes.

Schools systems and polices are facilitative in nature and staff and students motivation remains the key to the success of the school.

Self-evaluation is norm followed by all levels of staff and students.

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Why choose IIUI School?

In a country where exists an emergent influx of private and public education institutions taking on the responsibility of educating the coming generation, IIUI Schools offer a unique opportunity of systems based on International Standards and unparallel level of expertise that incorporate our basic cultural, ethical and religious norms.


Practice Positive Discipline

Effective School discipline is critical to academic success and requires both high standards of behavior and culture of acceptance as students are leaving to meet these.

To develop and practice culture of discipline in school at IIUI, it is incumbent upon whole school community ( Students, Parents/guardians, teachers, administrative staff, custodial staff and school management to follow the code. Mutual understanding and inoculation of moral, ethical, religions and cultural values in the school community leads to better school environment and positive culture.


Our Mission

To offer consultancy for developing New Schools on International Standards- thereby making a chain of Progressive, 21th Century schools.

Our Features

IIUI Schools offer among other things a number of special features that make the school unique. Meeting the needs of the 21st century curriculum, IIUI Schools offer:


Technology Based Skills

Technology based curriculum and IT Skills certification provided at the end of the schools year.


Feedback System

Reporting and feedback system initially to student and then to parent for improved communication.



Sports and creative arts an integral part of student daily routine.


Academic Activities

Curriculum focused on practical and interactive learning programmes relying not only on total learning within the classroom but also based on outside academic activities.


School Timing

Monday to Thursday Reception Classes:      8:30am     –   12:00pm

Grade 1 to O Level/Matric:   8:15am  –   2:05pm

Friday all classes 8:15am – 12:30pm


Self Evaluation

Self evaluation a regular practice for students and teachers.


Character Building

School focus on character building, religious education (Nazra, Quranic syllabus and Arabic Classes), active citizenship, team building and advance communication skills.



English as a primary medium of instruction, communication and interaction for all staff and students with Arabic and Urdu as secondary taught languages.

Our Environment

Why Choose Us?
Our Mission

Our Teachers

IIUI Schools offers unique opportunities that provide teachers with a school.


Where initial training will provide all the information they need to become an effective “IIUI School” teacher and thrive in the teaching field.


That will provide Certification at various stages and levels by the parent Institution.

Vision & Systems

That prides itself on shared vision and systems that are designed to facilitate administrative and peer support.


Where management caters for the challenges that new teachers face on a daily basis, and provide on the job strategies by means of mentor system to assist them in their tasks.


That fosters respect and continued learning as part of its culture and will provide greater job satisfaction and job security.


Where initial training will provide all the information they need to become an effective “IIUI School” teacher and thrive in the teaching field.